Comparing Rapunzel Adaptations: Split Ends

Yesterday, I compared two Rapunzel adaptations, talking about the elements they shared with the story and each other (or in some cases, just with each other). But the most important part of differentiation is differences, so I’m going to look at some of the major ones between the two stories. There may be spoilers; read [...]

Comparing Rapunzel Adaptations: Two Strands of Hair

I’ve talked a lot about fairy tale adaptations this week; I’m sure I don’t need to say that I think being able to differentiate yours from the numerous other adaptations out there is one of the most important parts of the creation process. But how can you get a unique plot out of a story [...]

Landmarking: A Real-World Example

Yesterday, I talked about how to make a place a landmark, literal or narrative. I’m going to illustrate—not with a fictional example, but with an old story.
Back when I was turning four years old (and only just getting into the stage where I was remembering things long-term), my parents went on a trip to Britain, [...]

Inspiration and Music, Part 2: What Inspires Me

Getting a bit more in the spirit of RPG Blog Carnival rather than just the letter, here are a few artists and pieces that have given me that little burst of inspiration.
Matti Paalanen’s work, particularly the Celestial Aeon Project. I forget who it was who first introduced me to these, but a couple listens and [...]