Ravyn Freewrites: Is There Room to Fail?

There’s a lot I like in a character. Justified confidence. The ability to snark anything. Who doesn’t? But my favorites are the ones who fail. The ones who completely screw things up, sometimes repeatedly, and who in the wake of their sequential screw-ups look around, shake their heads, mutter something about how they got to [...]

Considering Failure Mechanics

Some recent experiences, particularly with going back to D&D after a long bout of dabbling in a variety of other systems, got me thinking about failure mechanics and how important they can be to a player’s experience.
A lot of the systems I’ve dabbled in have had some way of working around failure, making it somewhat [...]

The Generic Villain: If At First You Don’t Succeed….

For most people, failure is simply a part of life. For us, though, not only is it a reality with which we must contend, it’s part of the job description. Narrative Causality and the Laws of Dramatics do not want us to win—at least, not in any meaningful way. As a result, we—and particularly the [...]

Impractical Applications (How Not to Spark)

One of the things that makes combat spark important to me is its relevance to my game, and keeping me interested; my group has ranged from just interested in action to “I can has fight now pls?” Some fights have gone really well (the dream battle, that one time where I ditched initiative and focused [...]