Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Dexter’s Fear Profile

For this week’s writing exercise, I revisited the fear profile. I made the (possible) mistake of asking for prompts, which left me with a character who in all my years of gaming has never been onstage with something that legitimately scared the whey out of him—nor anything that he had much reason to fear at [...]

Impractical Applications (Tuyet’s Fear Profile)

Not long ago, I discussed creating fear profiles for characters. This is an example using my old favorite PC, Tuyet.
Name: Tuyet
Default instinctive fear reaction: Fight
Standard reasoned fear reaction (basic): Do something that might help. Then try something else. Then something else. As level of fear increases, improbability of plans increases proportionally, and consideration decreases, to [...]

Writing a Character Fear Profile

Sometimes, it’s easier to approach something when you can fill in the blanks; characters’ fear reactions are no exception. The following is the skeleton of a possible way of recording a character’s fear profile; her standard reactions, her greatest fears and those most expected but least likely to actually bother her, her sensitizations and habituations, [...]