Things You Might Want to Know When Planning An Overland Trip

Though the exact means change up depending on the setting, travel is still a universal in fiction; getting from Point A to Point B, and dealing with the challenges in between, can be an adventure regardless of time, place, or technology level. The biggest staple, particularly in fantasy, is the overland trip: something that it [...]

Things You Might Want To Know When Planning An Assassination

Let’s face it, assassins are ubiquitous; you have to work at it to find a genre in which they aren’t hiding behind a post somewhere. And since they pop up in a lot of plots, it’s important to know how to handle them in those plots: how to make sure the assassin gets done what [...]

Things You Might Want to Know When Being the Bait

Some problems can be solved just by kicking down the door and wreaking havoc, but not always. When the enemy is still faceless and their whereabouts unknown, or when going directly after them would only lead to more trouble, sometimes it’s best to be the trap, letting the enemy come to you. But being the [...]

Things You Might Want To Know When Mediating a Feud

Two sides, both alike in… something, anyway… is an automatic recipe for drama: just ask Shakespeare! Between the inconveniences they cause and the general waste of life and potential they represent, blood feuds are a prime “problem” in a setting for protagonists to find themselves fixing. But there’s a lot to take into account when [...]

Things You Might Want to Know When Mounting a Rescue Mission

When I presented Things You Might Want to Know When Planning a Heist, Michael pointed out that most of what goes into a successful heist plot can also go into a successful hostage rescue mission plan. It’s true, but on the other hand, not all that’s required for a rescue plan is really covered by [...]

Things You Might Want To Know When Dropping Into a Culture

One of the side effects of dealing with worlds not our own is that we’re likely to be dealing with cultures not our own as well (and if we aren’t, why in blazes not?). From a player standpoint, or from the standpoint of a writer trying to deal with a culture not her own, this [...]

Things You Might Want To Know When Planning a Heist

Who doesn’t love a heist plot? Complex plans, daring teamwork, heart-stopping near-misses—and uses for mechanical skills, social deception and physical prowess alike! The problem is that as plots go, the heist plot requires a lot of knowledge, both about the specific place being stolen from, and about the world in general so people know what [...]