Impractical Applications (The Fight Which…)

You’d think this fight would be energy-in.
It’s a culminator—maybe not of a full plotline, but at the very least of a good large bit of effort. It’s been giving me not only topics but even a guest post from one of my players. It’s got somewhat hazy laws of physics, and people doing absolutely brilliant [...]

Guest Imprac: I’m So Doomed

This post is courtesy of Shinali, reporting on our current plot issue in my primary game–yes, the one with the unexpectedly snarky arc antagonist. We’re still in the midst of the fight, for reasons chronological, psychological and mechanical, and I’ll probably be discussing more of it week after next (since next week I’m going to [...]

Impractical Applications (Forged in Sarcasm)

My group just met the enemy they’ve struggled through the Underworld oceans to destroy. She is old, she is scary, and she wields deadpan sarcasm as a secondary weapon. The players love it; I can’t figure out where it came from.
Part of it is probably my tendency to fall back on certain character types. I [...]