Freewrite: What, a Manipulator Again?

A friend of mine asked me last weekend why I don’t play fighters. Said he wanted to see me drop the social manipulator and do something reckless.
He might have a point. We’ve been in four games together. Five if you count the Better Angels incident. In two of them, my characters were social maneuvering and [...]

Freewrite: You Ever Had One of Those Days….

You ever had one of those days…
Where you think you wish your GM hadn’t read the boxed text. It’s not like you have a problem with boxed text, per se. Boxed text is cool. Descriptions are nice. This boxed text is something you’ve read and read and read again, something you’ve internalized. You are one [...]

Ravyn Freewrites: I Want

It’s fascinating how important a phrase “I want” can be.
In many of the stories I read, “I want” just isn’t a thing. The characters have vague desires, yes, but most of what they end up going for is more “Do not want” than “I want”. Reactive rather than proactive, unless they’re the antagonists. It’s something [...]

Freewrite: Things I Learned This Weekend

It’s been an educational last four days, let’s put it that way.
Some people really are that oblivious. This is one of those “I have this DM, see…” things; I’d thought I was being clear that the fun was not being had, apparently the “this isn’t fun anymore” went straight over the GM’s head, misunderstandings were [...]

Freewrite: More on Losing Gracefully, or Loss = ?

A continuation of last post’s maunderings on the idea of the GM’s need to lose gracefully.
“You don’t have to lose gracefully,” I tell him.
It’s been at least a year since our first conversation on the subject. Back then, we mostly played Exalted and D&D. We’d had a few close calls, one game we played in [...]

Freewrite: Losing Gracefully

“My job as GM is to lose gracefully,” he says.
And I start overthinking things, as is my wont to do. I know that this isn’t universal; I’ve heard about games in which it was GM vs. players, I might even be in one (though if I am, the GM and I are going to have [...]