Impractical Applications: A Recap Sampler

I talked not too long ago about recaps, particularly for game sessions. I’ve seen a few different styles in the past few years, with a wide variety of results.
In my game, I usually favor the recap-in-voice—and since my game has characters out the ears, usually try to make sure that no individual NPC recaps twice [...]

The Dreaded Recap

Recapitulation is an inevitability of any sort of part-by-part storytelling medium, particularly as the separation between the installments increases. Giving the players a refresher between sessions, letting readers of a series know what they might have missed and/or reminding them what happened last time, the occasional catch-up for long-running webcomics—without a recap, the audience might [...]

A Different Sort of Recap

I started a new game recently. There’s a lot that’s different about it from normal: it’s not in a style I usually play, the system and I aren’t near as compatible as I’d like, the players are multitasking their characters… and most importantly, it’s a playtest, so I need to be able to recount what [...]