Impractical Applications (Flaming Hakarl)

Last week’s Imprac talked about my having ended up needing to rangen a monster at the last minute; earlier this week, I talked about how I go about pulling giant monsters out of nowhere. For tonight, let’s look at the monster in question.
Flaming Hakarl, as one of the PCs nicknamed it, was the result of [...]

On My Abrupt Generation of (Usually) Giant Monsters

Sometimes, you have time to come up with the huge nasties that dot your world. To figure out their biology, their natural enemies, what would get them in conflict with the main characters, to come up with awesome powers that make them a challenge and a description that makes everyone who so much as reads [...]

The Generic Villain on Living Creatures as Architectural Foundations

You have to admit, it’s a tempting thought. You’re powerful, you can handle it, and there’s this miles-long creature you know perfectly well you could control. What’s the first thing a lot of us think? Let’s build on that thing!
On the one hand, it makes sense. It gives you a self-moving base of operations that [...]