Reprise: Do Gods Need Religion?

I originally wrote this for an early RPG Blog Carnival on the subject of gods and religion. It all came down to one question: were the two necessarily mutually dependent?
I’ve always been partial to chicken-and-egg questions, particularly within the context of invented worlds. And I always come back to this one: Do gods [...]

Assembled Machina, Where’s My Deus?

Yesterday, I talked about the creator’s reasons why the good (or at least, allied-with-the-protagonists) gods are so prone to not being near as helpful as the ones on the other side. But there’s also the element of in-character reasons for a distinct lack of divine intervention, as UZ started pointing out. Needless to say, this [...]

The (Protagonistic) Gods Must Be Lazy

I’ve noticed a lot of stories in which the evil gods (or at least, the antagonistic ones) are the only ones who ever seem to do anything. Either both sides aren’t allowed to intervene and they’re ignoring the prohibition, or they’re just the only ones who seem willing to do anything, period (except maybe tell [...]

A Genealogy of Stories

So you’ve got a world in which religions grow and flourish for a while, and then die down (usually, one of those places where the gods and the religions aren’t joined at the hip). And you have to wonder, just what happens to the gods of the religions that are left behind? Are they remembered [...]