Group Dynamics: The Character and the Group

In Monday’s riff on the three types of character connections that go into group dynamics, the third connection I mentioned was the character-group connection: how the character views the group around her, both conceptually and as a collection of people. Unlike the others, this one is almost as much about the character’s identity as about [...]

Group Dynamics: The Character/Relationship Connection

One of the most difficult elements of group dynamics is looking at the connections between characters and other characters’ relationships. After all, it’s not connecting to a tangible thing like another character, it’s doesn’t have the same consistency on the other side of the link as tracking a character’s relationship with the idea of the [...]

Group Dynamics: Five Cool Sources of Character Links

Yesterday, I talked about group dynamics, and how they’re based around several types of connection within a group of characters. Today, I’m going to look more closely on the first and simplest kind of connection, the one that directly connects two characters.
So what sorts of things might connect two characters, either before or after they [...]

Group Dynamics: Three Types of Connections

We often find ourselves creating groups of people who are together for some reason or purpose. Protagonists, antagonists, neutral characters, potential allies, combinations of the above: these groups are all over the place. In order to make them interesting, we can’t just look at them as groups moving in lockstep, nor as sets of individuals [...]

RPG Characters and Secret Identities

Every now and then, you just want to play a character with a secret identity. And why not? Secret identities are fascinating; they give you a chance to play two (or more!) characters for the price of one, more art-fodder if you sketch as well as play, and they’re a fun little “this will come [...]