Cut Off the Head…

Last night, one of my friends and I were discussing what happens when the spiritual leader of a group is killed. (Our reasons are by this point probably self-explanatory.) While people have often operated under the idea of “cut off the head, the snake dies”, I find the possible scenarios to be a lot more [...]

Group Dynamics: Five Cool Sources of Character Links

Yesterday, I talked about group dynamics, and how they’re based around several types of connection within a group of characters. Today, I’m going to look more closely on the first and simplest kind of connection, the one that directly connects two characters.
So what sorts of things might connect two characters, either before or after they [...]

Group Dynamics: Three Types of Connections

We often find ourselves creating groups of people who are together for some reason or purpose. Protagonists, antagonists, neutral characters, potential allies, combinations of the above: these groups are all over the place. In order to make them interesting, we can’t just look at them as groups moving in lockstep, nor as sets of individuals [...]