Impractical Applications (Hero)

Pre-article note: Due to various complications including the holidays and grad school applications, all posts for the rest of the year will be reprints of earlier posts.
I spent most of this last week talking about heroes for this month’s RPG Blog Carnival. I’ve done a few characters who have come close: Aisling would get between [...]

Why I Don’t Build Heroes

Yet more for RPG Blog Carnival. I need to take prompts more often.
My characters do not begin their games as heroes.
They’re the kinds of people who might make decent protagonists, sure. Many, but not all of them, are technically good. In some way, they might even be exceptional.
But by many definitions—and most importantly, both by [...]

The Paradox of Heroic Sacrifice

The problem, I explain to my GM, is simple. I like the character. I do not want to see the character dying. My actions are likely to reflect this. The character, on the other hand, while she may not have the death-wish one of her teammates thinks she has, really should be fighting like she [...]

Characterization Exercise: Define “Hero”

This month’s RPG Blog Carnival, on the subject of Heroes, Living and Dead, got me thinking about the term. “Hero” is a pretty subjective term, as these things go; some people consider heroism to be anything that involves improving other people’s lives, others see it as risking one’s life, there are still more whose main [...]