Oh, Right, Humor!

I learned something new today: game is just plain different when I’ve got a character without a name.
It’s something I’ve sort of known for a while. We’ve had games where the character was thrown together at the last minute, and the less we’ve backstoried, the sillier we’ve gotten. I almost wonder if it’s the point [...]

Impractical Applications (Inserting Humor)

Last Monday, I talked about slipping humor into scenes that were anything but humorous without actually breaking the tone. It’s something I’ve had some pretty recent practice on in my own game.
The group was having a dark, dark day. They’d finally met the enemy, and she’d been untouchable and obnoxious; they really hadn’t learned as [...]

Inserting Humor Without Breaking the Scene

We really don’t have to talk about why intense emotion is so common in our stories and games; it’s, well, intense. But the thing about it, particularly if it takes the form of a whole lot of negative emotion, is that it’s tiring, moreso the longer it goes. Fortunately, slipping spots of humor into an [...]

Embedded Humor

Some people get their humor out of jokes told by the characters; some from the situations that characters find themselves in. For some people it’s puns, for some it’s irony. But the humor I have the greatest soft spot for isn’t any of these, but the kind of humor that’s embedded in the narrative itself.
After [...]