Gimme Back My Chargen! (Wait, What?)

So The GM Who Gets Us Into Everything is going to be running us a D&D Next playtest on Wednesday. Fair enough, and hey, I might even find something I react strongly enough to to make breaking system neutrality worth it. I look at the sample characters, I look at the basic rules, and the [...]

Learning from NaNo, Round 2: Final Impressions

First of all: I won. All right, moving on.
I have to admit, NaNo has done wonders for my productivity. While I’d made some progress on the GV project, including a pile of sketches, a couple of pseudo-outlines, and the introductory arc with its dramatic-sounding prologue, I’d gotten dead stuck somewhere around the time I needed [...]

Ask GV: Protagonist Question on Appearances

Shinali, on behalf of Samar Nadra, asks,

What can a person considered evil by those around her learn from Hands of Darkness without compromising her morals?
Dear Samar,
You are aware I am contractually obligated to attempt to compromise said morals in hopes of recruiting you to my cause or at least neutralizing your beneficial effect on the [...]

Impractical Applications (The Demon Who Came to Dinner)

I didn’t really describe it. Only one of the PCs had known it before it was re-introduced, and that was mostly offstage. The character it came in with wanted to squash it. It doesn’t even have a name! And yet it seems to have been adopted by the group. It was a little demon bug, [...]

Notes on World Viewing Character

Yesterday, I asked, “How does the character view the world?” The logical converse to that, of course, is “How does the world view this character?” But when that question last got put in front of me, I started getting nervous. “How does the world view this character?” seems to me to be a rather fraught [...]