The Generic Villain’s Counter-Infiltration Strategies

Last week, I told you about some good fallback tricks when you’re infiltrating a protagonist’s group or organization. But between the resurgence of hero-types who aren’t much good in a fight, the rise of the deceptive protagonist, and other factors, you really don’t have any guarantee that the side of Light isn’t going to do [...]

The Generic Villain’s Infiltrator Tricks

There you are, having successfully infiltrated a gathering of those potentially troublesome to you. You’re blending in, you’re avoiding the hazards, you haven’t gone redemption-bait… now what? Hopefully you’ve thought far enough to have an in-depth plan for what to do now, but if not, or if you’ve got a plan but haven’t learned your [...]

The Generic Villain Amid the Protagonists: What Can Go Wrong?

Last week, I talked about advantages to going in and infiltrating the protagonists’ organizations, travel-groups, social circles or other effective units. That’s not to say that there aren’t downsides; that kind of infiltration can endanger your life, your plans, and your standing as a Hand of Darkness, and even your image beyond the Wall.
So what [...]

The Generic Villain Amid the Protagonists: Why Infiltrate?

Last week, I talked about the most immediate concern when infiltrating the protagonists: keeping yourself from being recognized. It’s only one of many factors that make the infiltration a dangerous job, holding as many risks as it does rewards. But anything like that, with all its risk, has to have something worth the effort, doesn’t [...]

The Generic Villain Amid the Protagonists

Sometimes, the plan just has to involve operating among the protagonists for a while. Save a few lives, hold a few conversations (or just exist, I’ll get to that later), get them to the point where they trust you, learn the secret or swipe the MacGuffin or lead them into a trap or whatever it [...]