Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Class Portrait

For this week’s writing exercise, I decided to do an overview of Zuleika’s physics class, or at least the occupants thereof.
The people in class seemed about usual, as college science classes went. Over there was the person who wore her love of numeric and technological abstractions on her tees, jokes about 10 kinds of people [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Two Perspectives, One Narrator

For this week, I was playing with the idea of one character attempting to describe another. Somehow I ended up with the same character twice–same describer, same person being described–talking about the only thus-far-named character who isn’t part of the central group. What the hey, I’ll run with it.
Nina Miklos. My lab partner. The one [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: A Quiet Lot

A wordless conversation in my current project. Unlike my previous few attempts, this one itself isn’t at all likely to make it into the final version (for one thing, the perspective is off), but there’s a part in the final version that is going to look better because I wrote this one first. This is, [...]

Impractical Applications (Musings)

There hasn’t been much to say about my gaming this week—not that there hasn’t been one, just that it hasn’t had anything particularly egregious, and the week’s post were more about writing anyway.
The one thing that’s been going on is a personal project. I’m on one of those writing kicks again, as you’ve probably figured [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Sweeping the Sky

Another exercise featuring Zuleika; I’ve been making a strong push on her project, so finding her voice has been one of my top priorities. This one started out as an attempt to portray her , this one comes straight from her passion for astronomy; I’m hoping to find more of her elsewhere, but for now, [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: A Room Without Stars

This one wasn’t prompted. I was thinking about personal spaces, and about the viewpoint character from my newest project, and… it just happened. Along with her plot role, she’s just started college, so a change in location is pretty much inevitable.
For the first time in my life, I am in a room without stars. No [...]