Impractical Applications (City Gods and Flavors of Insanity)

It’s easy to play insanity according to a pattern, doing the same thing every time, but as far as I’m concerned, ease is the only advantage. People—or other entities—are individuals; they’re not all going to break the same way. Besides, a little variety is fun.
I’ve had opportunity to do this even when circumstances would make [...]

Presentation of Madness, Axes of Insanity

For me, the toughest part of presenting insane characters has always been their portrayal. There’s a lot to balance: making the character different without making her obnoxious. Not turning her into a one-note character, nor offending/triggering people who have had to deal with real live mental disorders (one of the reasons why I tend not [...]

Insanity: Creating a Pre-Maddened Character

Insanity is an interesting character trait, when done properly. It creates a little differentiation between the character and those otherwise like her, lets you explore a slightly different style of logic (particularly when you’re going for rational except for a few important details, or when the challenge is seeing what kinds of things you can [...]