Impractical Applications (Colorless)

Earlier this week, I talked about my sources of writer panic, and about things people could do to try to work around their weaknesses in writing/GMing once they identified them. As I mentioned in the former post, one of my weaknesses is writing without color—while I don’t butt up against it a lot in the [...]

Ways of Handling Weak Spots

Yesterday, I listed off a number of elements and prompts that give me major difficulties in my writing and GMing—but while understanding a problem is helpful, knowledge along isn’t enough to get through it. What can we do with knowing what we can’t stand?
Some people just deal with their discomfort zones by just plain avoiding [...]

Prompts That Scare Me

The thing about writing or GMing for an audience is that we can’t always create exactly what we want—and more, that sometimes our audience, well-meaning or otherwise, will steer us right to those things that we consider our worst points. There’s no way to fix it but practice, really, and no way to figure out [...]