Impractical Applications: You Know Your Class Is Getting To You…

I had two things on my mind last weekend.
One was a dilemma faced by one of my PCs, made more complicated by the possible impact of my decision on group and plot and whatnot—the PC’s been staying recently with the legion unit she used to belong to, and when she was roused in the middle [...]

Impractical Applications: Weaponized

I got the idea for this week’s weaponized weakness post from one of my current primaries. Juniper is not my usual character archetype: she hits things first and foremost, she only speaks the minimum possible number of languages to make sense in her context (granted, this is still three, but she’s coming into a place [...]

Tales from the Sketchbook: It Takes a Legion

Some things seem to beg for complicated, pushing mixed media art, finding new and interesting ways to use pastels, watercolors, colored pencil layering, black permanent markers, White-out and a pushpin, or all of the above. Some just require severe boredom, an index card and a mechanical pencil.
I blame these guys on one of my GMs. [...]

Impractical Applications: Close, Detailed, What?

One of the things that got me thinking about backstory characters and their categories was finding myself, while designing one of my latest characters, with some in categories I’d almost never used before.
By the time I was done writing her, Juniper had ended up with three decently backstory characters I’d count as detailed, one of [...]