Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Kes and Fear

Going back to fear reactions for this week’s post; they’re usually good for some exploration. Today I’m going to look at my old long-runner, the demon hunter Kestrel.
It’s not that Kes isn’t afraid. She takes the battlefield against things that would probably be able to kill her if she ever let them get within striking [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Readied

Tonight I decided I’d try a different exercise from the usual, attempting to describe indicators of a circumstance without, at least until the very end, specifying what the circumstance was.
Her workspace smells not only of ink stones and silk, but also of wax and wood oil, of polish and new metal. The papers on her [...]

Impractical Applications (Kestrel’s Bad Day)

The following is the more in-depth version of Kestrel’s bad day exercise that I threatened on Wednesday.
“Prophecy will be the death of me someday.”
Kes should have known better. As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she knew better. It had been fine when it was just her fellows, but Mandible was still [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: The Creation of Enemies

This week, I decided to play with my old exercise on determining a character’s ideal enemy. I’m still not sure why the long-term pseudo-recurring enemy holds as much interest for me as the love interest might for another designer of characters, but still—as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing like a good nemesis.
For sorcerer, unarmed [...]

Impractical Applications (An Unexpected Success)

Last week, I talked about a fight scene I was running, in terms of the difficulty of figuring out what sort of yardstick the primary characters were going to be. I’m going to go on a bit more, about some of the other factors of the fight itself.
The first was just the sides. In most [...]

Impractical Applications (Yardsticking with Kes and Kiara)

This week, I had an odd situation in my solo game. It’s still in the phase where it serves as a prequel of sorts to my primary game, run from the perspective of another character entirely—and yet there I was writing a scene where the two NPCs present, plot fixtures Kestrel and Kiara, had managed [...]

Impractical Applications (Love and Loose Threads)

As you can probably guess, this whole “love and characters” thread branches from my own game, and my tendency to find character exercises in everything. I never actually started doing it for serious until a little while ago, though, and I’ve learned a lot about the characters and how they show different aspects of the [...]

Impractical Applications (A Low-Impact Sampler)

Yesterday, I talked about low-impact details, like clothing or choice of drink. As I mentioned then, the problem with a low-impact detail is that it is often inherently nonconstrained, making life very difficult for the kinds of people who require the seed of an idea in order to really start figuring things out. And my [...]