Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Iceberg

Another location revisited in honor of RPG Blog Carnival. I can’t even remember how long ago I used this place—just that I designed it as a clearly magical location, that the iceberg is itself an internally complex building, and that the group had been almost beaten there by a crowd of old rivals. And that [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: The Storm Chamber

I’d had a plan this week for theming places around colors without their usual association (red without fire, green without plants, and so on). Then this happened–or rather, the first part of this happened, and it fell to me to try to figure out why in blazes anyone would have a chamber where the floor [...]

Character Born of Location

During my discussion of perfect locations last month, I mentioned the idea of locations that reached their ideal point because of one or more of the characters present. The converse also exists—sometimes there exist characters who are brought to their full potential (or at least, framed into a version not seen anywhere else) by their [...]