Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Kes and Fear

Going back to fear reactions for this week’s post; they’re usually good for some exploration. Today I’m going to look at my old long-runner, the demon hunter Kestrel.
It’s not that Kes isn’t afraid. She takes the battlefield against things that would probably be able to kill her if she ever let them get within striking [...]

Impractical Applications: A Library Apart

This week I talked about designing locations around the types of scenes they’re supposed to host. One of my favorites was created for the sake of both social and physical confrontation.
So this was during that big dream sequence a while back. The room that I decided the group would be meeting back in, and that [...]

Impractical Applications: A Room With a Shouldn’t

I talked earlier this week about can, can’t and shouldn’t in terms of how locations affect characters’ actions. There are a lot of potential examples for this, but the main one that comes to mind for me was a long time ago in my game, when the group went after Zora for the first time.
The [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Paperweight

Tonight’s exercise is a bit odd. I’ve been of the opinion for a while that one of the biggest problems in writing these days is people who write things that should be creepy—or at least, that come across to me as pretty disturbing—and apparently miss how creepy they actually are. On the other hand, it’d [...]

Impractical Applications (Sympathy and Success—or Lack Thereof)

I talked earlier this week about sympathetic antagonists, and their advantages and disadvantages. I’ve seen them go a lot of different ways—success, failure, combinations of the above, all depending on what I managed to do wrong, do right, or occasionally do a little too well.
I’ve written before about my last adventure with an antagonist without [...]

Impractical Applications (Kestrel’s Bad Day)

The following is the more in-depth version of Kestrel’s bad day exercise that I threatened on Wednesday.
“Prophecy will be the death of me someday.”
Kes should have known better. As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she knew better. It had been fine when it was just her fellows, but Mandible was still [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Characters’ Codes

This one was inspired by my old exercise on codes of conduct: I took a small sampling from my primary game. (Jalil, in particular, was requested by two different players–though I’m finding that he would have come through a lot better if I’d written this up back when he was still active as a villain [...]

Impractical Applications (A Mannerly Bunch)

Earlier this week, I sang the praises of polite primary characters. While it isn’t technically a requirement in my game, they’re pretty common on both sides of the screen, to the point where I find it harder to name five characters who don’t default to generally courteous than I do to name five who do. [...]

Impractical Applications (The Fight Which…)

You’d think this fight would be energy-in.
It’s a culminator—maybe not of a full plotline, but at the very least of a good large bit of effort. It’s been giving me not only topics but even a guest post from one of my players. It’s got somewhat hazy laws of physics, and people doing absolutely brilliant [...]

Guest Imprac: I’m So Doomed

This post is courtesy of Shinali, reporting on our current plot issue in my primary game–yes, the one with the unexpectedly snarky arc antagonist. We’re still in the midst of the fight, for reasons chronological, psychological and mechanical, and I’ll probably be discussing more of it week after next (since next week I’m going to [...]