Impractical Applications (For Values of Loss)

I freewrote this week about the idea of the story-oriented GM’s perceived responsibility being to lose gracefully, and the alternatives to character death that might in the short run render this responsibility somewhat less relevant. My groups have done this a lot, though for every time they’ve done it, I’ve seen two more occasions on [...]

Freewrite: More on Losing Gracefully, or Loss = ?

A continuation of last post’s maunderings on the idea of the GM’s need to lose gracefully.
“You don’t have to lose gracefully,” I tell him.
It’s been at least a year since our first conversation on the subject. Back then, we mostly played Exalted and D&D. We’d had a few close calls, one game we played in [...]

Freewrite: Losing Gracefully

“My job as GM is to lose gracefully,” he says.
And I start overthinking things, as is my wont to do. I know that this isn’t universal; I’ve heard about games in which it was GM vs. players, I might even be in one (though if I am, the GM and I are going to have [...]