Why Create It Fantastic?

One of the things I realized, as I was writing my first post for May’s RPG Blog Carnival on Fantastic Creations, was that I was taking the basic premise of the carnival for granted. Given: that it’s better for the creation to be fantastic–more than just a simple tool or a packet of numbers, but [...]

Simple Tips for Wondrous Items and Magic

This month’s RPG Blog Carnival, over at Keith Davies’ blog, is on fantastic creations. Davies bases the carnival around one basic premise: that it’s harder and harder to find the wonder in magic items—and let’s face it, it’s been happening, both with items and with magic, in several systems.
So the first question is, how can [...]

Nonvisual Magic Step By Step

One of my players recently asked me how I did nonvisual magic in my games. I covered the topic before, about a year ago, but since then I’ve had time to refine my technique a bit and think about the process, rather than just the descriptors, of my effect/sense descriptions.
I start with the outline, well [...]