Impractical Applications: Beware the Honest Ones

My group loves honest manipulators; it’s almost a given that in any game, one of us will be playing one.
The game in which I played Tuyet had somewhere between one and two. Tuyet herself was the uncertain fraction; on the one hand, she was a very good liar and had an inordinate fondness for secret [...]

Honest Manipulators

Most of the manipulative characters in both fiction and RPGs are absurdly good liars—you know, the type who could sell shoes to snakes or convince a person that the sky was red while standing outdoors at noon on a clear day. But that hides the fact that the people who are terrible at lying can [...]

The Generic Villain on Puppetmasters and Priorities

Being a puppetmaster is fun. I’ve done it myself a time or two, and I know some blasted fine ones from my travels, but I’ve seen at least as many people try and fail. Somewhere in the process, they forget about their goals and start being more interested in establishing to everyone who will listen [...]