Ask GV: On Controlling PCs

UZ asks (in response to one of the Management’s posts, but hey, if it gets the mail-slot going…)

How do you get a PC to accept mind control? How do you sell servitude to someone who fights (theoretically) for freedom?
Dear UZ:
That’s a very good question. The PC is a special kind of protagonist—resistant if not [...]

Impractical Applications (A Tale of Two Controls)

Earlier this week I riffed about RPGs and mind-controlling the PCs. Unlike many of my subjects, I’ve seen that both go wrong and go right, so it’s a lot easier to put a few “do”s in with all my “don’t”s and the occasional “never ever not even then”.
The one of these that set off Tuesday [...]

Ravyn’s Rules of Mind Control

Into every game, a little mind-controlling the PCs seems to fall. And why not? It ensures they’re fighting one of the scariest things on the field, it forces them to change their tactics, and it gets one or more of them out of your hair. But when we’re doing this, we still need to remember [...]