The Generic Villain Gets a Cult

I realized not long ago that most of my helpful little riffs assume that your minions are some sort of organization or army. It’s nice, I suppose, but I know we don’t all work that way; just because the Management is hip-deep in military and deeper in bureaucracy doesn’t mean she gets to jump to [...]

The Generic Villain on Employing Zombies

You know, I hear a lot of debate on whether to include the undead in one’s ranks. And since zombies are a Thing these days, and since they’re so cheap, they’re a very popular focus in these sorts of discussions. So heck, why not? Let it never be said that the Generic Villain lacks opinions!
The [...]

The Generic Villain on Shining Star Minions

I’ve already talked about the minimum standards to which minions should be held—but that’s not the only problem one can have with minion training. But what about those minions who are too good? They’re shining stars of your organization, an inspiration to your redshirt brigades. You’re getting spectacular results from them on a redshirt salary. [...]

The Generic Villain on Minions and Suicide Missions

Sometimes one must be sacrificed for the good—sorry, benefit—of the many. And sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where the price is clearly marked, and happens to be counted in the lives of our minions. It can’t always be easy.
Now, we’re not exactly known for valuing human (or whatever) life by virtue of it [...]