Impractical Applications (A Muse’s Resume)

It’s pretty safe to say that I have a long pattern of serving as people’s muse and occasional conspirator; even before I got into gaming I tended towards worldbuilding and plot advice with one of my friends in high school. But at this point, most of my musing (or at least, most of my favorite [...]

Being Your GM’s Muse

(Again for RPG Blog Carnival.)
If you’re the kind of person who likes to serve as a muse, it’s quite likely you’ve done so for your own GM. The good news (for the GM, anyway) is that you’ve got more hands-on knowledge about the game in general, and your character in particular, than anyone else she’s [...]

How to Be a Muse

RPG Blog Carnival this month, over at Campaign Mastery, is on inspiration. Technically, the question is “What inspires your games?”, looking for non-game media that inspires people’s games, but it’s not always media that gets me inspired, nor inspires the people I’ve gamed with. Sometimes, it’s other people that can provide the best inspiration—and sometimes, [...]