Reprise: How to Foil Investigation Magic

Originally posted on August 18, 2009. Note that the idea here isn’t to completely render investigation magic useless, it’s just to make sure it doesn’t cut straight through everything; a little challenge is good for a character, hm?
When people start talking about creating mysteries in settings with magic, the magic often comes in as a [...]

Amoral Parties and Frame-Up Plots

Yesterday, I talked about plots based on someone—usually someone important to the PCs—being framed for a crime they didn’t commit. We know how these go with your standard good party: the shining heroes devoted to truth and justice will pretty much always step in for their wrongfully accused fellows. Let’s face it, though, not all [...]

Frame-Up Plots in RPGs

I’ve talked a lot already about mystery plots in general, but there’s one subset of mystery plot that strikes me as needing a particular attention: the frame-up plot. Character or group, usually one important to the PCs for whatever reason, is wrongfully accused of some sort of wrongdoing, PCs decide to Set Things Right, and [...]