Four Tips for Helping the Inexperienced Combatant

I talk a lot about people who aren’t comfortable with combat situations—since I am one, and since I’m currently in the process of running another one (and let me tell you: there’s nothing quite like having a hyperpowered character and next to no practice, while being surrounded by other players who Don’t Get how you [...]

Canon-shift, Rules and Newbies

RPGs, as combinations of settings, mechanics and other features designed by companies for profit, are always in motion, pretty much until somebody decides the property’s not worth supporting and cancels the whole line. Games, as the collective imaginations of the players and the (if applicable) GM, are also always in motion. Neither of these properties [...]

Impractical Applications (A Continuation Report)

It’s been a chaotic week, so I couldn’t really line up my post topics with my session. So instead, a general review.
It’s the third session since I started up my game after a summer-long hiatus, adding two new players to the roster. The first two were mostly spent talking (in part because of the absence [...]

Impractical Applications (Bringing in the New)

I talked a lot this week about the introduction of new players to a system in general and a game in particular. I’ve reason: my game was supposed to add two this week (we canceled due to a couple of scheduling conflicts, though). Both are people I’ve gamed with before, in different online contexts, but [...]

For New Players: How Does This Work Again?

It’s rough being a new player in an unfamiliar system, particularly when there isn’t much time to learn, or you’re the only one who’s functionally a new player. Particularly when there are two ways of figuring out what you’re supposed to be doing; look through the book again, and ask questions. (Probably ask questions; I [...]

Teaching a New Game: A Matter of Need To Know

Another one for RPG Blog Carnival.
The most intimidating thing about a new player joining a game, particularly an old game, is the knowledge barrier—not only for the newbie, who has to absorb all the requisite information, but for whoever brought the newbie in, usually the GM. After all, that’s the one who has to make [...]

Establishing Game Tone: Show, Don’t Tell

Playstyle, I think, is one of the likeliest things to drive a group apart. When you’ve got a full group on the same style, and on the same wavelength with the GM, it goes well. When you don’t…. well, you’ve got one person cursing things another was directly encouraging, the GM’s about ready to scream [...]

Teaching a New System: Keeping the Player’s Interest

RPG Blog Carnival this month, over at Evil Machinations, is on teaching the game to new players, whether they’re raw beginners or just inexperienced with your particular system.
I’ve had a lot of occasion to learn this one from my end. I see the game and its immersion as the main end, and the mechanics as [...]