Things You Can Do When the Party Hates Your NPC

Yesterday, I talked about situations in which the party hates an NPC you need them not to hate, and how not to make it worse. Today, I’m going to look at the positive side—ways to actively try to get the NPC back into the party’s good graces.
If it was something they did, admit error. Yes, [...]

Things Not to Do When the Party Hates Your NPC

They tell you in the real world that first impressions are everything. It’s even more the case with RPG characters, particularly the ones you want to keep around—and sometimes it’s just going to go wrong, and for whatever reason the entire party is going to decide that they loathe the character you’d wanted to pin [...]

Let Me Show You… Dicer and Drosha

So here’s my first contribution to RPG Blog Carnival April 2010.
Dicer and Drosha are a pair of very minor characters in my game, based on a point of metaphysics I’m not entirely sure would work in that universe outside my interpretation but that I’ve been exploiting like crazy within it: they’re the former familiars [...]

RPG Blog Carnival April 2010: Let Me Show You My (N)PC

Just in time to ring in the new location, RPG Blog Carnival for April 2010 is right here on the Exchange of Realities!

Into every game, a few NPCs tend to fall. And then a few more. And then a few more….. but in every game, there are always some that, for whatever reason, are titanic [...]