Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Do Something

For this one, I can thank Shinali, who asked me for a severe emotional reaction, and when asked for a specific character to do this with handed me Olathe. This one was hard—not because Olathe doesn’t feel, she’s as intense as any of my characters and has certainly gone through just as much of a [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: A Tense Bout of Tea

This week’s I’ll base on one of my more recent (as in, posted only last year) writing exercises, giving a picture of a social dynamic between two characters through a characteristic picture of the time they’d spend together (together being at best a relative term). When I went fishing for prompts, I ended up with [...]

Convention Sketchbook Filler: To Keep the Dead Down

More RPG characters in whatever costumes would hold still long enough—and this time, I go literary.

Olathe and Kiriko feature here as Sabriel and Mogget, respectively, from Garth Nix’s Abhorsen trilogy. Kiriko came into the picture first, as I hadn’t been able to fit her in with the other familiars and their costumes, and I’d gotten [...]

Impractical Applications (Inserting Humor)

Last Monday, I talked about slipping humor into scenes that were anything but humorous without actually breaking the tone. It’s something I’ve had some pretty recent practice on in my own game.
The group was having a dark, dark day. They’d finally met the enemy, and she’d been untouchable and obnoxious; they really hadn’t learned as [...]

Impractical Applications (What the Cat Saw)

One of the things I love about my solo game is the element of someone else’s perspective: running my old timeline through the eyes of someone else entirely. The player’s been pretty compatible with the situation so far: fully aware of the existing-timeline nature of the situation, focused on character development rather than on making [...]