Third Person PC Perspective

Most writers are familiar with the forms of perspective. First person, second person, third person objective, limited and omniscient, first/second mixed. But while I was looking into my initial concepts for yesterday’s post on when to use different names for what is by some definitions the same character, I realized that there was a third, [...]

Impractical Applications (What the Cat Saw)

One of the things I love about my solo game is the element of someone else’s perspective: running my old timeline through the eyes of someone else entirely. The player’s been pretty compatible with the situation so far: fully aware of the existing-timeline nature of the situation, focused on character development rather than on making [...]

PCs in the Gallery

Last night, I talked about looking at your plots from the point of view of a minor character who was in some way or another associated with them, and mentioned that one of the ways to do this was to run a smaller game with one or two people taking tangentially involved parts. I find [...]

View from the Gallery

Back in January, I proposed an exercise involving writing plot synopses for the story as it would be seen if centered around one of the secondary characters. At the time, I was mostly thinking about it in terms of caring as much about the secondary characters as the lead, but I’ve found another use for [...]

A Dose of Perspective

I read a lot about perspective and alternate points of view, but reading it is never quite the same as living it. Today gave me a chance to experience one for a few minutes, to a minor extent. It was quite an education.
So what happened?
My trolley’s late, but the one I’m supposed to connect to [...]

Choosing a Viewpoint

One of the most interesting things I’ve found about writing a story has been figuring out who’s telling it, or at least whose viewpoint it centers on, if any. Yes, one can write a story without centering on a person’s viewpoint; third person omniscient perspective gets in everyone’s head, third objective doesn’t get in anyone’s. [...]