Impractical Applications (Potential Then and Now)

One of the things I’ve noticed about the game my boyfriend is running for us while I recover my inspiration is that it’s running afoul of one of the same issues that I had to deal with long ago. As the second year of my game began, I made it out of the original arc [...]

The Alternative to Pure Potential

Yesterday, I talked about the primary danger of building the world literally as the players interact with it: that the players, having no idea where to start, will just sit in the only defined space and let the world come to them, creating a reactive/reactive style feedback loop potentially leading to complete shutdown. Not much [...]

The Problem with Pure Potential

I think we’ve all had this problem at some point, usually after a while of trying to keep our players on our nice pretty plot and discovering they’d really rather be finding things out. Heck with it, we think, next time let’s give them what they want. And that’s when the trouble starts.
We begin—and we [...]