Impractical Applications (Art in Action)

Earlier this week, I talked about setting up descriptions (particularly in action scenes) with the help of the design principles of art. It’s a pretty visual topic, though, so I think providing an example is warranted; in this case, a defensive stunt that after two false starts I ended up using for one of my [...]

Process: From Image to Text

I promised earlier this week that I’d talk about how I get from the image in my head through the principles of art to the image I write, when writing action in stories and games.
As with the image composition, I start with the point of focus. Usually this is both a physical point and an [...]

Principles of Art and Process

Yesterday, I mentioned the design principles of art, and how I use them to create the mental pictures that I turn into my descriptions. So how do I get from principles to composition, and from there to a picture?
The principle I start with when laying out my mental pictures is always dominance. Where would the [...]

Composition and the Principles of Art

When I’m trying to get across a piece of imagery, I start with, well, an image. I don’t mean just getting a basic mental picture; I mean taking the time to take that picture and compose it, as if it were a piece of artwork or a short piece of film, then take the important [...]