Impractical Applications: A Long Time Pausing

The short version is, I’m going on indefinite hiatus.
The long version is, I need to. I have a lot of things going on right now, but more importantly, I’ve been spending so much time writing about gaming and writing that I’ve been questioning my ability to do both, and so much time blogging that I’ve [...]

More Characterization Catalysts

Yesterday, I talked about factors that might affect how easily someone can backstory a character. Pretty much as soon as I’d finalized the post, I found a few more.
Minimum requisite information. Some worlds just seem to demand a better idea why people are what they are and do what they do than others. If you [...]

Characterization Catalysts

Over the break, I found myself involved in three new games (long stories, all of them), so I found myself doing up characters for all three in the span of about a week—and all of it was right smack dab in the middle of another noveling attempt, meaning that I was, in different ways, working [...]


…okay, this isn’t working.
I’ve been at this blog five years (technically, my blog-day was while I was out of state). I can’t say I’ve been perfect about my deadlines; I’ve definitely schedule-slipped. But I’ve been pretty close.
Problem is, at the moment it’s next to impossible to find new ideas. Feels like I’ve done everything already, [...]

Ravyn Freewrites: …Then I’d Hate to Be Right

A piece of advice once told me, I think it was a couple of years back, that if I was going to do better at creative endeavors, I might have to read less.
Like I was going to believe that. Read less? How was I supposed to learn anything? Figure out more of the parts of [...]

Ravyn Freewrites: Dear Spammer….

Oh, how sweet! How did you know I used to love trying to make sense of non-English writing systems? And actually using ones I’m familiar with instead of always defaulting to Russian? Made my day.
You seem very determined to sell people boots. You know, back when I was on the old network, we had long [...]

Ravyn Freewrites: Aggregators and Expectations

(Writer’s note: looking over this, I could see it as coming across as either a whinge-fest or a diatribe. I know there have been other times when something that I intended as an exploration of my own mental processes that happened to begin with a thing I didn’t like was taken as a rant about [...]

On New Year’s….

We expected a fight in a teahouse. Fights. Teahouses. They’re made for each other. And the flying squirrel… the immortal?… is upset. Curses tend to follow.
But we didn’t. Sure, the dice came out of the bag, but not for that. There were superheroes fighting robots in Atlantis, led by the Guy With the Illegible Tens [...]

Things I Learned Tonight

Why I am varying from my usual Wednesday approach will be self-evident by the time you reach the end of this post.
I really should know by now that if the people around me are wigging out about the probable weather on a day when there will be a lot of recruits’ families on base, it [...]

A Status Update

I really, really wish I didn’t write so many short little posts that end up as “Here’s this week’s complication, here’s why the posts are a little different”; it’s slightly embarrassing having to admit to weakness, and sometimes feels like I’m being lazy while trying to pretend to keep a schedule. On the other hand, [...]