A Conversation with Reality Hunger 2: Trial by Google

“Because journalism cannot own up to its heavily derivative nature, it must enforce originality on the level of the sentence. Trial by Google.”
–Malcolm Gladwell, Annals of Culture, as quoted by David Shields, Reality Hunger: A Manifesto.
When I was younger, I remember coming upon a disclaimer accompanying some translations of I forget what, rather similar to [...]

A Conversation With Reality Hunger 1: Art as Conversation

“Art is a conversation, not a patent office.” –Reality Hunger: A Manifesto.
Sounds good: I’m ready to converse.
Take that first quote. A conversation, not a patent office. I’ve been thinking something like this for a while, though I never really managed to put it into words—perhaps it started when I started poking around webcomics and reading [...]

Reality Hunger: A Freewriting Review

I find Reality Hunger: A Manifesto , a book calling for “a blurring of any distinction between fiction and nonfiction”, on the new nonfiction table one Wednesday morning at the library. There are things I should probably be reading, but it takes dibs: I love this book by the time I’ve finished the first chapter. [...]