The Generic Villain on Types of Recruitment Spiels

Last week, I talked about overall strategy for making recruitment pitches to your foes. To further help you appeal to your audience, here are four basic types of recruitment pitch, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Join or die. This one is particularly popular, though one of the most often misused. Threatening—whether it’s grievous bodily [...]

The Generic Villain on Recruitment Spiels

Decrease the ranks of Good by a few. Add to your own at the same time. Is it any wonder we like doing a little recruiting in our spare time? But if we’re going to try to recruit the forces of Good to our side, we need to do it well. Half-attempts only get us [...]

Personal Observation: On Villains With Recruitment Spiels

An “Are you sure you want to continue fighting me?” in the middle of a fight. An “It’s a pity they’ve already got their hooks in you” between conflicts. A philosophical debate between enemies. I admit it, I’m a sucker for villains with recruitment spiels. But that’s because, as villains go, those types are interesting. [...]