Superior-Subordinate Relationships: View from Above

Yesterday, I talked about figuring out a superior-subordinate dynamic from the subordinate’s point of view. Let’s reverse it now, and look at things that might affect the superior’s view of the subordinate.
How did the subordinate get into the position in the first place? Was this, as with most modern jobs, by coming and looking for [...]

Superior-Subordinate Relationships: Looking Upward

It goes without saying that not all characters are created equal—and certainly not hierarchically. Where you have organizations, you will have the people in charge and the people they are in charge of, and the people those people are in charge of, and so on and so forth until you run out of ladder rungs [...]

Characterization Exercise: Who’s Your Ideal Enemy?

There’s a lot to be said about the peculiar dance between two enemies: a blend of mutual hatred, a peculiar sort of chemistry, and who knows what in the middle. It makes conflicts interesting—but like a good romance, it requires that the two enemies be, in their own way, a good match.
And you can learn [...]

Character Exercise Followup: Matchmaker, Matchmaker…

Yesterday, I talked about learning about a character through trying to figure out what the perfect romantic partner for her would be like. Of course, even with fictional characters, one really shouldn’t expect perfection—particularly since imperfections make for a much more interesting story. (Yes, I really do mean it.) But then there’s taking it a [...]

Character Exercise: Who’s Their Type?

While I’m no supporter of the idea that every story needs a romance in there somewhere, I do think that a character’s interest in romantic partners, particularly of the long-term persuasion, can say a lot about them. Besides, if there must be a romance, it may as well be convincing. And of course, where there’s [...]