Wednesday Night Guest Exercise: When Horrible Things Happen

Provided by our very own UZ, in response to the retelling and reaction exercise a little while back.
It was late autumn, cold and rainy. The day was shadowed – not with threatening, tenebrous shadows full of lurking menace, but with the long, grey shadows of boredom.
It was the worst possible situation for [...]

Wednesday Night Writing Exercise: Devin’s Retelling

Earlier this week, I introduced an exercise involving having a character retell an event and other characters react. This one is my first attempt; I went through several possible sets of characters to do a first exercise with, but the contrast between Devin’s reactions and Taraneh’s, and the number of moods this one was likely [...]

Characterization Exercise: Retelling and Reaction

A long time ago, I suggested an exercise in which the object of the game was to come up with a character’s retelling of an event, in voice. But no story is told in a vacuum, and few are told without someone to hear them.
For this exercise, then, choose two characters and one event. It [...]