Opinion: Better Angels

It’s a time of year for new systems in my groups, apparently, so one of mine has just tried out Better Angels. Supervillains guided and aided by (in our group’s case, increasingly exasperated) demons? Conceptually, this was definitely on our “heck, why not, sounds like fun” list. It wasn’t something I’d do for prolonged periods [...]

Game Review: Legends of the Wulin

Another one for RPG Blog Carnival. This got a little wordy.
I wasn’t expecting to like Legends of the Wulin as much as I did. It’s a wuxia-inspired game, and a less-spirits-and-supernatural spiritual successor to Weapons of the Gods, to which the closest I got was a discussion of one of their key mechanics that ended [...]

RPG Blog Carnival Rerun: Hoard Review

For RPG Blog Carnival. Let’s face it, one of the reasons why this blog is system-neutral is that in the beginning, I didn’t play what most of the bloggers played, and over the last year, I’ve played a lot of what most of the bloggers don’t play. So an entire month of squealing about games [...]

Review: Hoard

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my group, it’s that “Baby dragons” is the fastest way to get us to do much of anything. Which explains how, with next to no warning, we agreed to jump right in and play in a game of Hoard run by our resident collector of shiny new RPG [...]

Review: The New Death and Others

Disclaimer: This review was requested by the author of the book, and written and published in exchange for a pdf copy thereof (see end of review).
If there’s one thing I learned in creative writing, it’s that writing short stories—getting the pacing and the characterization and the plot all to fit together in only a few [...]

Reality Hunger: A Freewriting Review

I find Reality Hunger: A Manifesto , a book calling for “a blurring of any distinction between fiction and nonfiction”, on the new nonfiction table one Wednesday morning at the library. There are things I should probably be reading, but it takes dibs: I love this book by the time I’ve finished the first chapter. [...]

Impressions on Feed and Deadline

The problem with summarizing several books at a time, I’ve found over the last few book posts, is that it’s really hard for me to get across what resonated with me on each of them without either neglecting a few or going into a wall of text. And then there was this week’s batch, in [...]

Kung Fu Panda 2: Please, More of That!

I’ll admit, picking up technique wasn’t particularly on my mind when I went to see Kung Fu Panda 2, aside from testing the premise that the best way to see a kids’ movie on opening day is the middle of the afternoon during the school year (today’s experiment: successful). But to say I got blogfodder [...]