Impractical Applications (Love and Loose Threads)

As you can probably guess, this whole “love and characters” thread branches from my own game, and my tendency to find character exercises in everything. I never actually started doing it for serious until a little while ago, though, and I’ve learned a lot about the characters and how they show different aspects of the [...]

On Finding Love (for Your Characters)

I talked a lot about understanding your characters through looking at what might work well for them in terms of romance, but as Brickwall pointed out yesterday, I never really went into much detail on explaining how. Here are a few tricks for figuring out what kind of places and what kind of forms a [...]

Character Exercise Followup: Matchmaker, Matchmaker…

Yesterday, I talked about learning about a character through trying to figure out what the perfect romantic partner for her would be like. Of course, even with fictional characters, one really shouldn’t expect perfection—particularly since imperfections make for a much more interesting story. (Yes, I really do mean it.) But then there’s taking it a [...]