Impractical Applications (Ruination!)

It’s a bit disorienting realizing that I haven’t really done that many ruins—or at least, that I haven’t done that many ruins that I haven’t already written about, one way or the other. And that, while I did get the idea for the posts from giving a friend suggestions for ruins (mostly in the form [...]

Design Questions for Ruins

Yesterday, I talked about how nifty ruins were as a feature of a setting. But what does it take to make a good ruin? I’ve already talked about building, aging and abandoning cities in general, and these serve as a pretty good stopping off point. On the other hand, it might be that we’re going [...]

Why Ruins?

Ruins are awesome. We’re all in agreement, right? We go tourist on them (at least, until some fool starts vandalizing the plinths or screwing under the altars or attempting to Life Imitates Action Movie through them, and then we can only admire them from a distance, not that it keeps us from trying), we write [...]