Some Things I Love About Shared Backstories Part 2: Behind the Screen

Last week, I talked about reasons why I, as a player, love cross-backstorying with the other players. I don’t just see it as an advantage on the player’s side, though; having PCs who’ve taken the time to coordinate their backstories has made life easier for me as a GM. Here’s how.
First of all, I don’t [...]

Some Things I Love About Shared Backstories

I recently talked about the process I’ve found most successful when concocting a shared backstory between two or more PCs. As you’ve probably guessed from the collection of cross-backstoried characters I listed off during said post, I find shared backstories to be one of the most rewarding parts of putting together a new character, sometimes [...]

The Art of the Cross-Backstory

We don’t have to work alone when we’re coming up with our PCs’ histories—and a lot of us don’t want to! GMs like cross-backstories because it means they can circumvent the getting the group together part and focus on the actual plot; a lot of players enjoy the chance to collaborate—heck, some game systems even [...]