Impractical Applications (Characters in Silhouette)

Earlier this week, I talked about what constitutes distinctive silhouettes for characters presented in a purely text-based format. Since my game had a ridiculously large cast even before it had been around for several years, and since I try to avoid duplicating NPCs and PCs unless I’m just porting PCs into NPC form to fill [...]

Distinctive Silhouettes in Prose

Yesterday I talked about distinctive silhouettes and why they’re important in comics and other visual media. My question, thinking about this, then became “What’s the prose equivalent? How do we manage distinctive silhouettes when we’re limited to words?
The first thing we need to remember is that for the prose silhouette, most aspects of appearance aren’t [...]

Distinctive Silhouettes

One of the panels I attended at Comic-Con was Bryan Tillman talking about character design—or more specifically, visual character design. I came, I saw, and needless to say, I started thinking about how to apply what I’d learned to prose, to the point where I ended up following up on the jokingly oft-repeated exhortation to [...]