Tales from the Sketchbook: Hatchling

A picture paints a thousand words; a picture with context can say a lot about a game; but explanations of the random sketches of an artist-gamer can say the most of all. In this series, I look at the just-had-to-draw-them images distilled from my games: what they are, what they mean, why they demanded drawing, [...]

Convention Sketchbook Filler: Nize Hat!

This was actually the second piece that my group came up with when I was looking for fun character costume ideas for my convention sketches.

You may remember Timorous Sky—and even if not, you’ve probably seen Sky’s hat before. The Hat’s abilities include a knack for creating thorough disguises, sometimes even before Sky asks for him: [...]

Convention Sketchbook Filler: To Keep the Dead Down

More RPG characters in whatever costumes would hold still long enough—and this time, I go literary.

Olathe and Kiriko feature here as Sabriel and Mogget, respectively, from Garth Nix’s Abhorsen trilogy. Kiriko came into the picture first, as I hadn’t been able to fit her in with the other familiars and their costumes, and I’d gotten [...]

Convention Sketchbook Filler: Familiar Faces

As promised, sketches to pass the time while I’m off con-going! I couldn’t come up with a decent costume for myself, so I’m making up for it with some of my group’s RPG characters.

Can they really be the heroes? Today’s subjects are all, or at least all have at one point been, PC familiars. From [...]