Impractical Applications (A New Timeline)

Yes, I spent the week talking about searches—but not only would the events that inspired those posts make a whole lot less sense without context, but we’re still in the middle of one of my major search plots, and I’d like to keep some of the spoilers to a minimum.
It started with my original solo [...]

Impractical Applications (A Small Party)

Earlier this week, I talked about the uses of casual conversation and of mapping out social situations. I’ve had reason to apply both recently, particularly in my solo game.
It began simply; Kiriko decided to throw herself a birthday party, and invite in a few people from the complex and another few from the office. It [...]

Impractical Applications (What the Cat Saw)

One of the things I love about my solo game is the element of someone else’s perspective: running my old timeline through the eyes of someone else entirely. The player’s been pretty compatible with the situation so far: fully aware of the existing-timeline nature of the situation, focused on character development rather than on making [...]