The Generic Villain on Not Being Too Much of a Stereotypical Antagonist

All right. A long time ago, you and yours were in conflict with some other culture, to the point where, if they needed a go-to enemy, your people were the first they looked at. Maybe your culture was actively aligned with evil, maybe it was a whole lot of conclusion-jumping, but whatever it was, while [...]

Leveraging a Stereotype

One more on the women in gaming front.
For reference: I dislike stereotypes. A lot. Insert comparisons to thousands of burning suns, the ire of a conclave of dragons, nuclear missiles, so on and so forth. (This comes, I think, mainly from all the people who’ve tried to make me fit them.) But I recognize that [...]

Characters and Worldbuilding: So What Do I Do With This Hat?

The first responsibility of a worldbuilder is to create a culture: to figure out what sorts of things it does, what it values, which activities are popular—in short, what combination of factors it is that creates the Generalized Member of this particular culture. In short, to design its hat. So far, so good, right?
But then [...]