Stories I Follow

Yesterday I talked about characters’ internal narratives—the kinds of stories that they’ve internalized and often act according to. I wasn’t able to go into as much detail as I would have liked on how to find an established character’s internal narratives. I can, however, show you some of mine, and things that helped me find [...]

Characterization Exercise: The Stories They Follow

From time immemorial, people have told each other stories—about why the world is the way it is, about generic youths who all had one of three or four names and somehow managed to make good, about the kinds of people they’d want to be and the kinds of people they’d want to sleep with. For [...]

Short Story (ish): Morgan’s Dream Log

A snippet from the dream journal of my Call of Cthulhu character Morgan, not long after the Taser Tourist incident, written for the GM of that game.
It’s a restaurant. If that’s the right word. Wooden furniture, leather tankards, either it’s very period or I’m going and dreaming somewhere else entirely. The colors are warm reds [...]

A Genealogy of Stories

So you’ve got a world in which religions grow and flourish for a while, and then die down (usually, one of those places where the gods and the religions aren’t joined at the hip). And you have to wonder, just what happens to the gods of the religions that are left behind? Are they remembered [...]