The Generic Villain Preempts and Overthinks

Over the last two weeks, I’ve talked about anticipating the ulterior motives behind an opponent’s surrender and how to react to them. But just because you know what their strengths are doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also be thinking about their imposed weaknesses as you bring them in. After all, you’re not just chucking them in [...]

The Generic Villain: Why’d They Give Up?

Last week, I started talking about ways to figure out whether an opponent’s surrender really is the victory we want or whether we’re about to be dealing with the Trojan Enemy, focusing on whether it makes sense for them to have surrendered at this point and under these circumstances. This week, let’s look at the [...]

The Generic Villain: Were They Supposed To Say “Uncle”?

“I surrender.” Sometimes it seems like it’s the only logical thing for the foe to say. Sometimes it’s what you’ve been wanting to hear ever since Narrative Causality chucked this upstart into your path (or you decided this one would be perfect head minion material; it’s the fight that counts). Sometimes it’s the two little [...]

They Just Won’t Give Up!

Yesterday, I talked about my adventures with surrendering as a player character. I’ve noticed that my sort of strategy is rare, though. In most game groups, one can certainly try to arrange a surrender, but it’s far likelier that you’re going to have to hit them with either overwhelming force or a cutscene. What is [...]

Adventures in Surrendering

“I don’t lose. I just change the battlefield to something that suits my skills a bit more.” –Tuyet
There’s one thing I noticed about two of the games I was in (one running, one playing) that differed from almost any game I’d played in before or since: PCs, actual PCs, ending a fight by surrendering. Sure, [...]